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Content Filters

In our Content Activity, you can personalize your experience using content filters. These filters help you focus on what matters most.

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Content Types Filter


Selecting the Pages filter will display only activities related to Confluence pages. This is helpful if you want to see who has been actively creating or editing pages.


Choosing the Blogs filter will show activities related to Confluence blogs. This can be useful if your team frequently uses blogs for documentation or updates.


The Comments filter will highlight activities made through comments on Confluence pages or blogs. This option is great for monitoring discussions and feedback.


The Attachments filter focuses on activities related to file uploads and attachments made within Confluence. Use this filter to track file sharing and attachment activity.

Activity Types Filter

Content Created & Updated

The macro displays both the original creation date and the most recent update date for each piece of content.

Content Created Only

The macro shows only the date when the content was initially created, without including any subsequent update dates.

Time Range Filters

The Time Range Filters enable you to specify the time frame for the activities displayed on the calendar. You can choose from the following predefined time ranges or set a custom date range:

  • This Year

  • Last Year

  • This Month

  • Last Month

  • Last 3 Months

  • Last 6 Months

  • Last 12 Months

  • Last 24 Months

  • Custom (Allows you to select a specific start and end date)

Use these filters to narrow down the calendar view to a specific period, making it easy to display activities within a set time frame.

Space Filter

The Space Filter allows you to focus on activities from specific Confluence spaces. You can select one or more spaces to include on the calendar or exclude from it. This feature is especially useful if your Confluence instance contains multiple spaces, and you want to analyze activities on a space-by-space basis.

Author Filter

The Author Filter allows you to filter activities by specific authors. You can search for a particular user or a group of users to see their activities over time.

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