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Diary for Confluence is a Confluence app made to save you time and headaches when editing pages that have grown long and hard to maintain. Whether you want to quickly write down some meeting notes, update a changelog, or simply add new and timestamped information to your pages, there is no faster and easier way to do it than with Diary.

To use Diary, simple insert the Diary macro into your page and start writing entries. Did you find a typo in one of your entries? Use the in-place editing feature to quickly fix it, or completely remove the entry by clicking the delete button.

We want Diary for Confluence to be accessible and useful for everyone. Therefore, we allow you to customize the behavior and design of your Diary according to your own needs. In the macro parameters, you can easily select the order in which your entries are to be displayed, where the editor for new entries should appear, whether the time should be displayed in your entries, and so on.

If you want to know more about what you can do with Diary for Confluence and how to do it, you should read our Getting Started guide.






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