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Before trying to create a new Diary entry make sure that you have page edit permissions.

There are two ways to create a new entry for your Diary:

  • Using the shortcut for writing a new entry. (d)
  • Clicking on the editor prompt.

A new editor will appear where the prompt was and will be scrolled into your view. You can now start writing your entry.

As we embedded the Confluence editor into the Diary you are able to use tasklists, userlinks, macros and everything else the editor offers, just as if you would be using the normal page editor.

Once you are done you have two options to save your entry:

  • Using the shortcut for saving an entry. (ctrl+s)
  • Clicking on the save button.

After saving your entry, you will either immediately see your new entry, or, if your entry contains macros, the page will be reloaded and your new entry will be scrolled into your view.

This was pretty quick and easy, wasn't it? If you remember the shortcuts you can save even more time.

Now that you know how to create new entries you should probably look at how to edit an existing entry.

Note that if you save a new entry there will be a message about it on the updates stream of your Confluence. This also includes a short preview of what you have written.

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