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This query fetches sales information for a specific vendor and a specific plugin.

We at Scandio use a query like this to provide an overview about our current Atlassian Marketplace sales for all of our colleagues - without depending on whether they have direct access to our Marketplace account or not.


Datasource typeREST Basic
Datasource URL<vendorId>/
Datasource Test URL
Datasource User(Technical) User that is allowed to access the vendor account
Datasource PasswordPassword of the (technical) user


Query URL
Query JSON path

Converter Example

function convert(json) { 
    var result = []; 
    var parsedJsonObject = JSON.parse(json);
    var current, index; 
    for (index in parsedJsonObject) { 
        // only continue if this property is not inherited
        if (parsedJsonObject.hasOwnProperty(index)) {
            current = parsedJsonObject[index]; 
                'Invoice': current.invoice,
                'Organisation Name': current.organisationName,
                'License Size': current.licenseSize,
                'Purchase Price': '$' + current.purchasePrice,
    return result;

Template Example

Template example
## @param doubleclick:false

<table class="aui confluenceTable pocketquery-table">
        #foreach ($column in $columns)
        #foreach ($row in $result)
            #foreach ($column in $row)
                #if($velocityCount == 4)
						<a href="mailto:$row.TechnicalContactMail">
                #elseif($velocityCount < 7)

Download this example!


Download the export file with the entities on the left and import it in your PocketQuery administration.

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