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This page describes the general settings for Task Reminder.

Task Reminder Status

The box at the very top of the page displays some properties for the current status of Task Reminder. It shows whether an email server and Task Reminder email templates are configured and links to the respective config pages. Furthermore, there is status information on the Task Reminder job displayed, alongside an option to trigger the job directly and immediately.

Who should receive emails from Task Reminder?

This section configures the recipients of Task Reminder emails. By default, everyone will receive an email, given they have at least one open task (satisfying the What tasks should be included? section below). The option everyone, except will configure a "blacklist" of users whereas the option only will configure a "whitelist" of users.

If the "Allow users to opt out of Task Reminder emails in their profile settings" toggle is enabled, a settings page will be populated for all users who should receive emails from Task Reminder. In each user's Task Reminder settings page, they will be able to disable receiving Task Reminder emails.

When should Task Reminder send emails?

This section configures when the schedule of the Task Reminder job, i.e. when emails should be sent and in what intervals. By default, emails are sent at 8am Monday through Friday. The schedule is configured with a cron expression. For further information on how to write such expressions, refer to the Atlassian documentation here and here.

Note that in the background, this schedule will be configured for the Task Reminder Job that you can see at the Confluence Admin > Scheduled Jobs page.

What tasks should be included?

This section configures the type of tasks that should be included in Task Reminder emails.

The categories are as follows:

  • Expired Tasks: open tasks with a due date in the past.
  • Tasks expiring soon: open tasks with a due date within the X days configured above.
  • Tasks expiring later: open tasks with a due date after the X days configured above.
  • Tasks without due date: open tasks that don't have a due date.

For each user configured in section Who should receive..., the Task Reminder job will check whether there are open tasks for any of the checked categories, and, only if so, an email will be sent.

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