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Support Channels

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM CEST

Scandio is closed on German and Bavarian Holidays.

Response Time

All requests are answered within 24 business hours (3 business days), excluding national and regional holidays. We are constantly monitoring our support channels to respect the high priority of our enterprise customers and any critical issues.


Free Support for our Marketplace apps includes:

  1. Investigation of problems with Scandio apps.
  2. Support with the installation of Scandio apps.
  3. Support for Upgrades and Updates of Scandio apps.

Not Supported

Free Support for our apps does NOT include:

  1. Support for apps that are beta, release candidates, development snapshots or have reached end-of-life status. 
  2. Support for apps, that have been altered by you or a third party.
  3. Development of new functions or extension of existing functionality.
  4. Support for problems, that are documented or described in detail and can not be reproduced.
  5. Support for third party apps.
  6. Support for end users.
  7. Trainings for Atlassian products or apps.
  8. Support in any language other than English or German.
  9. Any other services not related to our apps.
  10. Support for general problems with application performance.
  11. Support for versions, that are not listed as compatible.

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