An extended and customizable blog post macro that can be included on the dashboard/

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Lively Blog Posts On the Dashboard

When you install Lively Blog Posts, the blog stream is automatically included on the dashboard in the most right column. Because Lively Blog Posts displays regular Confluence blog posts, you might already see blog posts on the dashboard.

Disable/Enable Lively Blog Posts On the Dashboard

Whether blog posts are included in the dashboard can be changed on the Lively Blog Posts Settings page in the Conflunence Administraton.

Go to General configuration --> Lively Blog Posts --> Settings

There you can check or uncheck the option "Show blog posts on the dashboard".

Including Lively Blog Posts in a custom decorator

If you customized your dashboard template (Look & Feel -> Layouts -> Global layout) and want to include Lively Blog Posts in a different place, you can include it in the template with:


The option "Show blog posts on the dashboard" should then bis disabled, so it doesn't get rendered twice.

Blog Post Macro

 The Lively Blog Post macro can be included on any page and can be configured like the dashboard stream.

Create Blog Posts

You can add regular blog posts in Confluence and they will be displayed on the dashboard, or with the Lively Blog Posts macro.

Customize the teaser text

By default, Lively Blog Posts will use the first 500 characters of the blog post content. The amount ouf characters can be configured with the setting "Teaser length".

Be aware that the teaser text is not formatted (i.e. line breaks, bullet points, ...)

Teaser text with the Excerpt macro

If you want that a formatted teaser text is displayed, you can use the the Excerpt macro to control how exactly the teaser text should look like


Add a teaser image


An image included in the blog post content can be set as the teaser image for the blog stream. Just click on the image and then click "Teaser".

Only one image can be marked as "Teaser", If you mark a second one, the first one will be unmarked.

If you want do display a teaser image, that is not included in the content, but attached on the blog post, you can label it with "teaser". If you label more than one image, the first one found will be used.


Prioritize Blog Posts

Blog posts can be priotitized by adding a special label which is set by default to "important". Only users of a configurable group can set this label. Both the label and the group can be configured globally on the Lively Blog Posts Settings page in the Conflunence Administraton. You can also disable the blog post priorization feature completely. These settings affect all macros and the stream on the dashboard.

Prioritizing a blog post means that the blog post sticks at the top of the stream for a given period of time. The period can be set with the setting "Priority time frame". There is also an option to limit the number of prioritized posts with the setting "Maximum number of prioritized posts".


There are two layouts that can be selected for the dashboard and for the macro, "adaptive" and  "embedded".


The adaptive layout will display the teaser image in full width of the post above the title, or left to the title and text, depending on how much space is available.

There are three parameters where the behavior of the adaptive layout can be controlled.

  • Teaser image min. width (default: 175)
  • Teaser image max. width (default: 300)
  • Image/text ratio (default: 1:2)

Here you can see an exampe of the two views of the adaptive layout and how the widths are calculated with the default parameter values.


The embedded layout embeds the teaser image inside the teaser text. The width can be configured and always stays the same.

Adjusting the search result


The maximum number of displayed posts can be configured with the parameter "Maximum number of regular posts".


Blog posts can be filtered by labels, authors and and spaces.



Blog posts can be sorted by the creation date, the modification date (when a blog post was edited) or by the date of the last comment.

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