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Lively Home 2023-04-14

This release of Lively Home introduces the Plus Button.

Plus Button

  • Cards on the Lively Home page now have a plus button in the upper right corner.

  • By clicking the News plus button, the users will be redirected to the blog post editor after selecting a space.

  • By clicking the Quicklinks plus button, the users can add their personal quick links

  • By clicking the Favorite Spaces plus button, spaces can be added or removed from favorites.

  • By clicking the My Tasks plus button, users can add tasks to the “My Tasks“ page in their personal space.

  • By clicking the Starred plus button, users can start and un-star pages or blog posts.

  • By clicking the Today’s Birthdays plus button, users can add their birthday.

  • By clicking the Apps plus button, users can add their personal app links.

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