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Lively Recorder

Lively Recorder is an app for Confluence Cloud that allows you to record videos and screencasts directly within Confluence. It comes with two types of recordings: you can either capture a video from your web camera or create a screen record. Moreover, Lively Recorder provides a macro that allows you to display videos directly on your Confluence pages. Recordings are stored as attachments directly in Confluence, which enables you to access them at any time. Furthermore, you do not need to be afraid about the security of your recordings, no information is sent outside your Confluence storage!

Where to start?

  • In Getting started, there is a brief introduction of the app.

  • You can go through User documentation, which will help you to understand the functionality of Lively Recorder.

  • In Technical documentation, you can find some details about video storage and some tips on how to keep things clean from an administrator’s perspective.

  • Didn’t find what you were searching for? Contact our support, we will answer your questions!

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