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PocketQuery 2023-08-08

This release makes tables sortable by default and increases all resource limits by 100%.

Sortable Tables

Tables are now sortable by column. Queries using the default template will be sortable automatically. For custom templates, the <table> element will need a class aui-table-sortable, e.g. <table class="aui aui-table-sortable">

Resource limits

The following resource limits have been doubled:

  • Query execution time (incl. processing template + converter): 15sec → 30sec

  • SQL/JDBC query timeout (only the SQL query): 5sec → 10sec

  • Query statement/URL: 10,000 characters → 20,000 characters

  • Converter content (JavaScript code): 10,000 characters → 20,000 characters

  • Template content (Velocity code): 10,000 characters → 20,000 characters

  • Template execution time: 5sec → 10sec

  • Maximum JDBC/SQL result size: 1,000 → 2,000

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