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PocketQuery 2023-09-04

This release contains a series of small improvements and features. See below for details.

Import of datasources with invalid hostnames

  • Import of datasources with invalid or blocked hostnames is now possible

  • Such imports will produce a warning and the hostname will be changed by prepending it with invalid- and replacing dots (.) with hyphens (-)

  • Imported invalid datasources will still not work, but the import will not fail anymore

More Details

PocketQuery has a set of blocked and invalid hostnames for datasources. Such datasources cannot be created through the UI and the imports previously failed when any such datasource was in the export file. However, this led to many support tickets from customers who couldn’t import their data. What we do now: we import the invalid/blocked datasources and only warn the customer. However, we also change the invalid/blocked hostname by prepending it with invalid- and replacing dots (.) with hyphens (-). So for example becomes invalid-127-1-0-0.

New wildcard for space name

We implemented a new query wildcard that will be replaced with the name of the space where the query is currently executed. This was already available for the space key earlier and is now also available for its name.

New Snowflake datasource type

There is a new datasource type dedicated to Snowflake datasources.

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Fix issue with URL validation for Oracle datasources

  • Disable aggressive warnings about Liquibase/SnakeYaml versions

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