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Configuring Access to the PocketQuery administration

PocketQuery provides an administration interface that can be accessed by Confluence administrators and all users of an arbitrary, configurable user group. All connections to datasources, queries, converters and templates are managed here. By default only Confluence administrators are allowed to access the PocketQuery administration to set up datasources and queries. If you want more users to be able to manage PocketQuery connections, you can choose to give access to additional groups of users.

To configure these groups, in the "General Configuration" find the new category "PocketQuery" (if you just installed the add-on, you might need to reload the page for this section to appear) and select the entry "Configuration".

Here you can configure an 'Administrators group' and an 'Editors group'. Enter the name of your user groups and save.

Administrators Group

All users in this group (additionally to Confluence administrators) will have full access to the PocketQuery administration. They will be able to manage all datasources, queries, templates and converters.

Editors Group

All users in this group will have limited access to the PocketQuery administration. They will not be able to manage datasources, but are allowed to maintain all queries, templates and converters.

If you don't want part of your PocketQuery admins to fiddle around with your datasources, this is the right group for you.

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