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PocketQuery Jira

PocketQuery for Jira is an app that allows users to retrieve data from external datasources and display the data within Jira. Datasources can be SQL databases or arbitrary REST APIs and the access is encapsulated in a way that works with your security standards.

PocketQuery comes with project-level settings that can be embedded set in any Jira project. The user selects the desired query and enters parameters, if necessary. After saving, the add-on fetches and displays the data. Queries can be managed within the PocketQuery for Jira Administration interface, which is only available to Jira users with appropriate permissions.

PocketQuery offers a powerful templating mechanism based on Velocity, HTML and JavaScript to format and style the result. It also provides an embedded Google Chart API to visualize the data with charts.

What to find here

Here you will find a comprehensive feature documentation as well as a number of guides and examples that should help you get started. Have fun exploring the possibilities of PocketQuery for Jira!

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