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Usage Statistics Macro

Add the 'Usage Statistics' macro to your Confluence page and easily select the specific metrics you want to track.

Using the Macro Browser:

  1. Set edit mode editing

  2. select :addmacro: Insert from the toolbar, search usage and save it.

Using the Slash Command:

  1. Edit Page: Open the Confluence page you want to edit.

  2. Type Slash: In Edit mode, type '/' to activate the slash command.

  3. Select Macro: Begin typing usage and select it from the suggestions.

  4. Save it to add usage to your page

Advanced Configuration

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 14.12.45.png


How To

Select spaces to scan

Space Keys: Provide the space keys to select the spaces to be scanned.

Include/Exclude metrics

Customize Metrics: Choose which metrics to include or exclude from the macro.

Show heading with space names

Display Space Names: Opt to show a heading with space names.

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