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Viewing recordings

You can view your recordings as attachments, using the macro editor, or as a page content.


You can treat recordings as standard attachments. Therefore, you can also view your recording using the attachment preview on the Confluence page. Either click on the attachment label or on the ‘View’ link.

This opens a video player, where you can view your video.

The player also allows you to download the recording.

Page editor

After you create a recording, you can see a thumbnail on your page.

If you want to ensure everything is correct, click on the pencil in macro toolbar:

This opens the video preview:

In this preview, you can change the selected recording, play the current recording, or simply delete it.

Page view

Once you publish a page containing the recording macro, the player is automatically inserted into the page content. This allows you to play the recording directly from your page.

The current version of the player allows you to:

  1. Pause and resume the recording

  2. Change the recording volume

  3. Change the time of the player

  4. Change the speed of the player

  5. Toggle the full-window mode

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