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Creating your first SQL Datasource

First, navigate to the PocketQuery administration by following the link in the “Apps” menu:

This will take you to the PocketQuery administration. Here, Confluence administrators can create all sorts of PocketQuery Entities. To get started, we need to create our first Datasource. Click on the Datasources panel which brings you to the Datasources tab.

On the Datasources tab, click the “Let’s setup my first Datasource” button, to get started with creating your first Datasource.

This will open a form that lets you specify a name for your Datasource (we’re going with “Rfam”, as this the name of the research database we’re using) and the type of your Datasource. As we are connecting to a MySQL 5 database, choose the “MySQL 5” type here.

Once you have selected a type, more fields will show up. To connect to a SQL Datasource, you’ll typically need a JDBC URL, a user, and a password. To connect to our public research database, these are the values you need to enter:








No password - leave blank

Description (Optional)

A public database containing research data. Rfam is a collection of non-coding RNA families represented by manually curated sequence alignments, consensus secondary structures, and predicted homologues. More info:

After entering all the details, make sure to hit the “Test Connection” button and see if you can connect to the database.

All good? Awesome! Hit the “Create Datasource” button and we’re done creating our first Datasource!

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