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How to render other Confluence macros within a PocketQuery Template?

PocketQuery offers a number of functions to render other PocketQuery or Confluence macros within a PocketQuery template. You can find them in this part of the documentation.

Some of them use the storage format of a macro for rendering (e.g. "<ac:structured-macro ac:name="info">(...)</ac:structured-macro>"), some use the wiki markup ("{cheese}"). Please note that not all macros can be rendered both ways. When in doubt, refer to the Confluence documentation (for Confluence macros) or contact the plugin vendor.

Looking for the technical name of a macro?

Try to manually add the macro to a Confluence page and inspect the resulting page with the developer tools of your browser. Confluence wrapps each macro within an HTML div or span with a attribute called "data-macro-name". This is what you are looking for.

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