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Column Chart With Color, Resizing and Rebasing

This column chart colors the bars green, makes them more slim, hides the legend and offers a way to let all bars start from value 0.

PocketQuery.chart('ColumnChart', {
    dataTable: [['Month', 'Value'], // adding dummy data for testing; remove this attribute for productive use
        ['JAN-17', 52.1],
        ['FEB-17', 51.2],
        ['MAR-17', 51.7]],
    width: 370,                    // setting the size
    height: 400,
    colors: ['#66AA00'],           // changing color of bars
    bar: {groupWidth: "30%"},      // making bars more slim
    legend: {position: 'none'},    // do not show legend
    showTip: true,                 // show tooltip
    // following option is set for above example on the right
    vAxis: {viewWindow: {min:0}}   // start drawing bars from value 0
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