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Confluence Search API

Queries the Confluence search API to find all content created by a specific user.

Datasource Type

REST Basic

Datasource URL

<URL where Confluence is running>/rest/api

Datasource User

An existing (technical) Confluence user

Datasource Password

Password of the (technical) Confluence user

Query URL


Parameter Values

Usernames of existing Confluence users

Converter Example

function convert(json) {
    var result = [];
    var parsedJsonObject = JSON.parse(json);
    var current, index;
    for (index in parsedJsonObject.results) {
        if (parsedJsonObject.hasOwnProperty(index)) {
            current = parsedJsonObject[index];
                'Title': current.title,
                'Page ID':,
                'Content Type': current.type
    return result;
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