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Velocity API Available in Templates

Velocity enables you to use a number of variables and call methods on specific objects. When writing PocketQuery for Jira templates, the following variables and objects are available:

Additionally, there are various objects available that are specific to PocketQuery for Jira:


$result (List of Map<String,Object>)

The result of the query. This is a List of Maps, e.g.:

  {Name: 'Germany', Continent: 'Europe', Region: 'Western Europe'},
  {Name: 'Sweden', Continent: 'Europe', Region: 'Nordic Countries'}

$pocketErrors (List)

 A list of errors (if any) that occured executing the PocketQuery for Jira app

$stackTrace (String)

 The stack trace of the last error (if any)

$debug (Boolean)

True if debug mode is enabled, false otherwise

$issue (Issue)

The current Jira issue

$project (Project)

The current Jira project

$user (User)

The current Jira user

App Parameters

$processedMacroParameters (Map<String,Object>)

Parameters set for the macro, each of them is also directly accessible. Includes the options debug, dynamicloadinitially, as well as the queryname and the queryparameterstring (parameter map as string).

$debug (Boolean)

Whether or not the debug option is enabled

$dynamicloadinitially (Boolean)

Whether or not the option "Load macro dynamically" is enabled


$query (Query)

The query object (contains all fields of a query entity described above)

$queryName (String)

The name of the query

$queryparameterstring (String)

Map queryparameters formatted as String.

$queryParameters (Map<String, Object>)

Parameters that were given to the query in the PocketQuery for Jira macro (in the macro browser or by GET parameters)

$queryExecutionTime (Long)

Time in milliseconds the database transaction took

$rawResult (Object)

Raw query result


$date (Date)

Date object, initialized to the time of app execution

$dateFormatter (DateFormatter)

DateFormatter object for Confluence-oriented date formatting

$numberTool (NumberTool)

NumberTool object for number formatting

$math (MathTool)

MathTool object for advanced math operations

$sums (Map<String, Long>)

Contains the summed up values of all columns of the result that contain only numeric values. Each value can be accessed using $sums.get("columnName") or $sums.columnName

The PocketQuery for Jira Velocity Helper

In addition to the objects above, there is a global Velocity helper object available in PocketQuery for Jira templates that contains some utility methods. You can access this helper with the context key $PocketQuery. Below you find a list of the methods that are currently available.

$PocketQuery.dataTags(Map<String, Object> params)

@param params Map of parameters for data attributes
@return generated data attributes string

Will produce an HTML data attributes string from the given parameters. If a map like { one: ‘1’, two: ‘2’ } is given, the result will be ‘data-one=”1” data-two=”2”‘. Example in Velocity templates:

<div $PocketQuery.dataTags({ "language":"German", "country":"Germany" })>
    My div with data attributes

This will produce:

<div data-language="German" data-country="Germany">
    My div with data attributes
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