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Task Reminder Cloud

Looking for the documentation of Task Reminder for Confluence Server? Go here.

Welcome to Task Reminder!

Task Reminder is an app that reminds users of their open tasks in Confluence via email. That’s right, no more forgetting to complete Confluence tasks even if they are scattered throughout the pages and spaces you work on.

Like most of our apps, Task Reminder was born from a problem. Tasks are easy to forget when they are not in one easy to find place. Task Reminder organizes your open tasks into a neat email that is sent on a set schedule, so you can view all of your tasks in a single email on a schedule that works for you.

The following attributes can be configured by Confluence administrators:

  • The day and time the emails will be sent.

  • The groups that receive emails.

  • The type of Tasks that will be included in the reminder:

    • Tasks that have already expired

    • Tasks that are expiring soon (you can configure what soon means)

    • Tasks that are expiring later (you can configure what later means)

    • Tasks without a due date

The configuration elements are described in detail in the Settings documentation page.







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Some features are blocked by CONFCLOUD-60964

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