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Dashboard Panel

To help you keep track of your work, Task Reminder shows you your 5 most urgent task on the Confluence dashboard. The dashboard can be reached if you navigate to Confluence, click on your company logo in Confluence on the left or append /wiki/home to your site URL.


Clicking on one of the task bodies will take you to the page the task is on so you can get more context and hopefully resolve it. The due dates on the right side are colored in the following way:

  • Red, if the task is expired

  • Orange, if the task is expiring within the next 7 days

  • Grey, otherwise

The “my tasks” link at the bottom of the panel will take you to the “My Tasks” section in your profile. If you don’t want your tasks to load every time you visit the dashboard, simply collapse the panel by clicking its header and it will stay collapsed the next time you reload the page.

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