Welcome to Link Management for Confluence! We are happy that you are interested in our app.

In this documentation, we introduce Link Management, talk about how you can use it with maximum potential, and hopefully answer all your questions about our Confluence app. If there are any unanswered questions or ideas for improvement, you can always reach out to us via our support. We love hearing from our customers and we are grateful for any feedback!

What is Link Management?

Link Management is our new app, which is a little bit extraordinary... It is the first Forge app developed by the Lively Apps team!

You can take full control of links in your Confluence space. There is a new section in the space settings, where you can see all links of the given space. You can update their titles and URLs and be sure that your links are always up to date. Do you remember when you last edited a bunch of links spread over multiple pages in your Confluence? With Link Management this is now the past!

What can you find in this documentation?

This documentation is divided into the following main sections:

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