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Getting Started

This page describes some basic use cases and the purpose of Link Management.

Have you ever struggled because of dead links in your Confluence space? We have! Many times! Keeping links up to date in a Confluence space is a challenging task, isn’t it? That’s why we developed Link Management. We need it, we love it, and we are sure that you will love it too!

Imagine having a space with 3 pages, such as this sweet space about Forge.

In the first page, we have an introduction to Forge:

In the second page, we describe some basic Forge concepts:

And in the last page, we share some links about Forge:

However, as Forge is a new technology, sources and names are changing very quickly. How can we keep our space up to date? Easy! We can list all the links we have in our space and display them in a simple table:

We can all links in the space and all their occurrences!

At the end of 2020, Forge UI was renamed to UI Kit. As you can see in the second row of our table, there is a link referring to the old article. Let’s update it by clicking on the Edit button in the Actions section.

Our outdated link is actually on 3 different pages! We can use the bulk replace functionality and replace it everywhere with one single run!

When we expand one of these occurrences, we can see how the new link looks like. Looks perfect, doesn’t it? Let’s see other occurrences too…

Wait, there is Forge UI in the link title, too! Let’s fix it.

And now simply hit the Save button! Then the processing starts…

After it finishes, let’s go back to our Forge page:

… aaand: it’s up to date! 🎉

Want to read more about how to use Link Management to reveal the full potential? Refer to our Space Admin Guide.

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