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View All Links

As a space administrator, you can use Link Management to view all links in your space via the space settings.

  1. Navigate to your space and open Space Settings.

  2. Go to Integrations tab.

  3. Click on Link Management for Confluence

This leads you to the initial page of Link Management. Now simply hit the Start scan button and the scan begins. The whole scanning process usually takes a few seconds but might last a bit longer for larger spaces with many pages.

Once the scan is finished, you can see all links in a simple table.

Each row of the table represents one URL and displays the following:

  1. Link URL

  2. Edit button

  3. Statistics about the link

    1. How many times the link occurs across all pages in the space

    2. How many pages contain this link

You can filter results using the Search for links field. Insert a part of the link you are searching for.

The table below will automatically update and only display links matching your search term.

Find the link you want to update, hit the Edit icon in the Actions row and start editing!

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