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Important Blog Posts

Important blog posts in Lively Blogs are marked with the ✨ important label to highlight and prioritize specific articles within your Confluence instance. This ensures that they receive maximum visibility.

Marking Blog Posts as Important

To mark a blog post as important, simply edit the post and apply the "important" label using the tagging functionality in Confluence.

Displaying Important Posts in the Blog Post Stream

Important posts in the blog post stream are visually distinguished with a yellow exclamation mark icon next to their titles. This helps them stand out and makes them easily identifiable.

Default Values and Customization Options

By default, Lively Blogs displays important blog posts at the top of the stream for one week, with a maximum of two posts shown simultaneously.

However, you can customize these settings to fit your needs. Adjust the time frame to a shorter or longer duration, and modify the maximum number of important posts displayed. If you prefer to disable the important posts feature entirely, simply set the maximum number value to 0.

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