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Blogs Homepage Feed

When Lively Blogs is installed, a blog stream is automatically added to the right-hand side of the Confluence Dashboard as a homepage feed. If Lively Blogs is displaying regular Confluence blog posts, you may already find blog posts there.

As an admin, you can customize what kind of blog posts are displayed on the homepage by going to the Lively Blogs settings page at Confluence Settings → Apps → Lively Blogs.

Customization Options


Explore the 'View' option to select between grid and view layouts for your blog display.

Image position

Discover layout options under Image Positions to customize your blog display.

Number of Posts Shown

Adjust the quantity of blog posts visible per page to meet your content presentation needs.

Time Frame

Filter content based on a specified time frame.

Sort by Created/Modified

Choose to sort posts based on creation or modification date.

Show/Hide blog post elements

Customize your blog posts by showing or hiding elements for a blog post. You can hide the author, date, excerpt, space, avatar, comments count and likes count independently.

Customization Options for Important Blog Posts

Label for Important Blog Posts

Designate labels for posts deemed important for easy identification.

Time Frame for Important Blog Posts

Set a specific time frame for filtering and highlighting important posts.

Maximum Number of Important Blog Posts

Control the number of crucial posts displayed on the page.

Filter Options


Easily sort and find blog posts by Confluence spaces using the Space Filter.


Organize your blog posts by applying labels and use the Labels Filter to filter content based on your preferences.


Refine your blog post display by author, using the Author Filter to easily streaming content from specific contributors.

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