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Connecting to the First REST Datasource

In this section we set up a REST API as a Datasource as well as some Queries using the datasource.

We will use , a free-to-use Fake Online REST API.

Create A REST Datasource

Go to the datasources in the PocketQuery administration and add a new one with the type "REST Basic". Give it a reasonable name and set the parameters:

  • URL: In this case, we will use

  • Test URL: The test query, that will be used to check if the datasource is set up correctly. In this case use post

  • Username and Password: You can omit username and password here

Test your connection and save it.

Create REST Query

Go to Queries, add a new one and select your new REST datasource as datasource.

  • Choose a name.

  • set REST URL to todos

Press “OK“ to save the query and press “Test Query”. Now click on “Preview“. You should see something looking like this:

Great! You created you first REST Datasource.

Let’s continue with Add a Converter

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