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Why am I not receiving emails / messages from Task Reminder?

For you to receive notifications from Task Reminder, all of the following must be true:

  • You are in one of the groups that are configured as recipients for either Email or Slack reminders. This must be configured by an administrator. You either need to be in one of the configured groups or be added explicitly as a user. The configuration must be enabled and have a valid schedule. Check out this page from our getting started guide, to see how to do this.

  • You have at least 1 open Confluence task that is assigned to you. If you don’t know what this means, please refer to If you configured spaces in the Task Reminder settings, tasks assigned to you must be in one of the configured spaces.

  • At least 1 of your Confluence tasks must match the configuration of the Task Reminder notification schedule you are assigned to. E.g.: If you only have tasks without a due date, the “Include Tasks without due dates” option must be enabled by an administrator. Once more, check out the this page to see how to configure this.

  • You did not opt out of Task Reminder notifications in your user settings. For more information, please refer to User Settings.

If all of these the above are true, and you still aren’t receiving notifications from Task Reminder, here are some possible reasons:

  • Your tasks are on pages with restrictions. Task Reminder will only send emails to users who are able to see the page that has the tasks.

  • As per the Task Reminder Slack settings, you should be receiving reminders, but your email address on Slack mismatches the email address of your Atlassian Account. Task Reminder can only send you reminders on Slack if your email addresses match up.

  • You have correctly configured Slack reminders, but forgot to connect a Slack workspace. You can use the “Send test message” button to make sure, Task Reminder is able to send you notifications on Slack.

  • Your mail server doesn’t allow enough emails. When the Task Reminder job is run, it will run through all your users and check if a reminder needs to be sent for each of them. If you have tasks for a lot of users, you might reach your mail server’s limits. Check your Confluence logs for errors of the form: The maximum number of concurrent server connections has exceeded a per-source limit. In this case you can either increase that limit or restrict Task Reminder to spaces or fewer users/groups.

Should none of these help you, and you still are unable to receive notifications from Task Reminder, please raise a support ticket with us.

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