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HideElements is an app which – the name is quite telling – can hide certain UI elements within Confluence. For an introductory article, please have a look at our recent blog posts Welcome HideElements for Confluence 3.0 and Ever wanted to hide some elements in Atlassian Confluence?

The following elements can currently be hidden:

  • Layout elementsHeader, Sidebar, Comments

  • Page Meta Elements: Breadcrumb, Title, Metas, Likes, Labels

  • Header Elements: Confluence LogoSpaces, People, Create Button, Search, Help, Admin, Notifications, Profile

  • Toolbar Elements: Edit Button, Favorite, Watch, Share, Tools

  • Content Elements: Inline Comment, Jira Issue Link

Any element that is not in this list can be hidden with a custom CSS selector. For a detailed description, see:

Hidden elements can be configured on the following levels / within the following scopes:

  • Page: elements to be hidden on the current Page are specified with a Confluence macro. (The same macro can also be used in Blog Posts)

  • Space: elements to be hidden space-wide are specified in the Space administration.

  • Global: elements to be hidden globally / system-wide are specified in the Confluence administration.

Settings are inherited in the following chain: Global > Space > Page. More details can be found here:

At any point in time you can disable HideElements for the current page by appending hideelements=false to your URL. If there is no "?" sign in your URL yet it should be ?hideelements=false, otherwise it should be &hideelements=false.


Additionally to the above resources, we are continuously working on a HideElements FAQ. These are our current question-answer articles:

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If questions remain open, please do not hesitate to create a ticket on our support platform!

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